Do they really eat babies!!!???

September 25, 2007 at 2:35 am | Posted in shocking stories | 15 Comments

Just this morning I have received a disturbing e-mail. It’s about dead babies or fetuses eaten by Japanese. It even says “it’s Japan hottest food”. This is so disgusting and inhuman. Is this really true!!!???

The email is attached with a series of photographs showing a man who prepared, cooked and eat the baby (it’s like he’s eating a fried chicken). This really disturbs me so i search the net.

There is no evidence or proof that this horrific photograph circulating in emails are TRUE or NOT. One of the article I’ve read, said that this photographs are done by an artist named Zhu Yu who exhibited them at an underground art show after they were rejected as too controversial by curators of the Shanghai 2000 Bienniale. In the piece, which he called “Eating People,” a series of photographs indeed appears to show Zhu cooking and eating a human baby or fetus. He has claimed to interviews that he used real aborted fetuses stolen from a medical school to create “Eating People” and that he actually cooked and ate them “for art’s sake.”

Eat real fetus for the sake of art???Is he insane!?

Take a look in the picture. It’s so horrific!!!

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