A Spectacular Picture

June 8, 2007 at 8:45 am | Posted in shocking stories | 22 Comments

spectacular picture

This is a picture shows a rock on a sea of Birmania. This picture can only be captured once a year with a special angle of the sun and special light conditions.

Did you see what makes this picture spectacular???

Bend your head to the left and see how spectacular it is. You see??? It’s so special…



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  1. That is so cool. Could you please tell me when the next time to take that picture would be? I would really like to know.
    Thank you

  2. hey, this is an excellent picture!!! it’s a little weird, but very, very nice nonetheless…are you sure it’s not a fake? LOL

    btw, can we exchange links? I’ll add you to my blogroll now…

  3. Nope it’s not fake (just for me)… There is things that only God can create and no man can 🙂
    But to my research many believes that this is an artwork rather than a picture.
    It’s up to you… What do you think???
    It’s my pleasure to exchange links with you.

  4. This is amazing. When I went to type a note about the amazing rock reflected in the waters of Birmania, the keys on my computer suddenly started typing by themselves, and the result was this post.

  5. I thought it is some kind of computer graphics on the frist view.

    It is ……. I cant explain.

  6. YaY amazing Capture, gratz =)

  7. Indeed amazing…if it happen once a year this cant be the first time captured nor posted.Any site for comparison from previous years??/

  8. Thank you for the beautiful and symbolic picture. The reason it is such a telling photograph to me is because the complete and beautiful image is not noticed until we are told to shift our perspective to the left.
    The experience afforded by that shift creates such a valid reflection on life. The turmoil that has engendered from humanity’s skewed perspective comprises the history of humanity, in which it is still embroiled, but it is repaired by a simple shift of perspective. The world, when seen just from the perspective of ego, is disorienting, fearful, and filled with suffering but when we shift to the perspective of the Real Self, peace, love, joy, new possibility and delight fills the world.
    Oh that the shift was as easily accomplished as it was in the picture. The extrication of humanity
    from its limiting perspective would have not been so challenging, long, and difficult.

  9. I think it looks like a giant owl about to eat an acorn.

  10. Yes…it’s a cool picture, but it’s not a photo. It’s a creation by an ultra talented artist! By the way…..when I tilt my head to the right….I too see the owl and the acorn!

  11. This image is an illustration by a Korean artist called Kim Jae Hong for a children’s book, still a God given talent. Copy & paste this link to your browser to see his other illustrations. This blog is in korean.

  12. GOD is great……..

  13. >>Nope it’s not fake (just for me)… There is things that only God can create and no man can
    But to my research many believes that this is an artwork rather than a picture.
    It’s up to you… What do you think???

    I’m sorry Mariecon, but what I think is that you are quite clearly deranged. And yet you must be capable of rational thought to work in IT …? Unless of course that’s just another figment of your crazy world where fact and fiction blur into each other.

  14. To Sanity,

    Whew,that’s questioning my fate Sanity. I admit at first i really believe that it is not an art,that’s because i have FAITH in GOD.
    Furthermore, you have no right to question my profession as an IT.

  15. I’ve been reliably informed that the picture whilst spectacular is not as it purports to be. Unfortunately, it’s a fictional element from a Korean childrens story book.

  16. Wow..a great photography technique. Simply artistic and surely it is the God’s creation.


    Have we come to our senses yet? Or do you still believe this is real?

    If you need any help, try http://www.snopes.com/photos/natural/awesomerock.asp

  18. This is not a photo – it is not only visible once a year or anything else to do with religion. It is an illustration by a Korean artist called Kim Jae Hong for a children’s book!

    Sorry to spoil the illusion of rock formations. Some messages have even suggested it proves the existence of God as it shows a mother praying with her son, some have said it looks like a priest sneaking up on an altar boy!

  19. This is a work of art that I would like to display in my home. Can you please tell me how to purchase it? Thank you.

  20. I guess I am naiive. I never doubted that it was a rock. See my blog for a bonfire photo at my nephew’s cottage. The Devil is everywhere.

  21. Denise said,
    July 6, 2007 @ 9:52 am

    Unfortunatley, it’s false claim. This rock does not exisit in Burma or anywhere else. It’s a work of fiction from a children’s storybook as rendered by a Korean illustrator Kim Jae-Hong. Refer to this website http://www.snopes.com/photos/natural/awesomerock.asp

  22. beautiful and seems real to me guys…

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