Two Sets of Sextuplets Born in Arizona,Minnesota

June 14, 2007 at 4:14 am | Posted in shocking stories | 1 Comment

There were two sets of sextuplets born in the US just couple of hours apart!

Brianna Morrison, 24, gave birth just before midnight on Sunday in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Morrison’s four boys and two girls were premature, delivered after just 22 weeks. Doctors at Children’s Hospital listed them in critical condition Monday, with weights ranging between 11 ounces and 1 pound, 3 ounces. They have been named Lucia Rae, Cadence Alana, Bennet Ryan, Tryg Benton, Lincoln Sean and Sylas Christopher.

About 10 hours later, Jenny Masche, 32, had her six babies in Phoenix, Arizona by Caesarean section. The Masche sextuplets – three boys and three girls – were almost 10 weeks premature, and all but one weighed less than 3 pounds. This is On Monday, five of the six were on ventilators to help them breathe. The children were named Bailey Elizabeth, Savannah Jane, Molli Grace, Cole Robert, Blake Nickolas and Grant William.

Both Brianna and Jenny uses artificial methods of conceiving babies. Brianna used fertility drugs to conceived. used artificial insemination and medication to stimulate her ovulation. Multiple births will be increasingly high in the coming days because more and more couples are seeking artificial methods in having babies. Unless doctors learn how to reduce the risk of women having four or more babies.


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  1. Just a few comments from a labor and delivery nurse here in Phoenix, AZ. The paper made a big hype about this couple. First, let me say the babies are a huge blessing and I am happy for Bryan and Jenny. However, when you conceive knowing you might get six babies, and you each have stable, well-paying jobs, could you please quit asking the public to fund your family? To ask for a van to be donated is a little greedy. I would like a lot of things too, but I don’t expect other people to buy them for me. Don’t have six if you can’t afford it.

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