Optical Illusions

June 27, 2007 at 6:16 am | Posted in trivia | 49 Comments

optical illusion 2

If you take a look at the following picture , let me tell you … it is not animated. Your eyes are making it move. To test this, stare at one spot for a couple seconds and everything will stop moving. Or look at the black center of each circle and it will stop moving. But move your eyes to the next black center and the previous will move after you take your eyes away from it….

Weird isn’t it???

You should see a man’s face… AND a word that starts with letter “L”.

Got it????

And this one is the coolest………

optical illusion 3

Follow the following instructions:

1. Relax and concentrate on th four small dots in the middle of the picture in about 30 – 40 secs.

2. Then take a look at any smooth single coloured surface (probably a wall) near you.

3. You will see a circle of light developing. Start blinking your eyes a couple of times and you will see an image emerging!!!




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  1. I love that motion illusion it is by Akiyoshi Kitaoka. For more optical illusions check out my blog.



    But so cool


  3. i was so amazed….especially Jesus’ face.
    i can’t w8 to let my friends see it…tnx

  4. Very cool illusions

  5. Very Cool..for the last one all I had to do was look at another spot on my monitor and I caould see Jesus’s face!

  6. Jesus? I thought it was Dr. Andrew Weil.

  7. hi mariecon, i also just started a new blog…the lay out of your site is uncomplicated to the eyes, i like it’s simplicity… i particularly this post=) happy blogging!

  8. very cool illusion you got, naduling ata ako sa katitingin e haha πŸ™‚ nice topic din, visit me naman kababayan http://femikey.blogspot.com salamat!

  9. that shit is the shit, im freaking out abit man i keep seeing him on the walls hahaha. Yeah man thats made my day Cheers Big Ears. Milky

  10. i like the last one.
    and how do you people see jesus or whatever the othere guy said.
    i saw darth vador.

  11. Hey, I’ve seen this kinda stuff before, but that was wayy cool!! I luvv illusions, they rock!!

  12. Jesus! He Is Back!

  13. this rocks my world

  14. omg!!! this shit is a trip!!! icould’n belive my eyes….literally (for the last one)!!! i saw the almighty powerful JESUS himself om my wall!!!!

  15. wow these are soooo cool love the one wth Jesus’ face in it. Luv u’r page

  16. jesus ! i thought it woz bob marley serious

  17. i like the preeetty picture…
    but i couldnt see jesus ….
    i saw a weird evil face :O

    random…from becky xx

  18. i realli like the picture
    and becky it is very werid that you saw the face cause i seen jesus
    but if you keep looking u will probably see it just keep tryin xx

  19. thiss is AMAZING the jesus one is like “heyy” lol.. we love it πŸ™‚

    lucy, lucii, charly, amy, carissa, laura

  20. I luvvvvvv d Jesus 1 it wuz sooo cool

  21. hi i lipkeo jeasus he is da man ananana

  22. ahaha silly people… thats what they want you to think..
    its not really Jesus…
    Its actually Chuck Norris disguised as him
    And when you least expect it…
    We’ll just leave it at that πŸ˜› ahaha

  23. i… i think… i think i just saw…. PIKACHU!

  24. thats rel cool dude

  25. cool

  26. soooooooooooo cool!!! i relly like the one of jesus!!! it`s soooooooo amazing!!! i couldn’t belive it!!!

  27. i don’t trust in my eyes anymore!!! xD

  28. Dude i cant see the ‘L’

  29. i think it is brillient …………………………

  30. i dont get the 1st one, its not realy an illusion and it doesn’t move. IS JUST I REALLY A REALLY COLL PICTUERS. but JEEZ isn;t the 2nd 1 cool ?? =]

  31. the illusions are great really they are i love them !!!

  32. omg that was awsome i saw jesus!!!

  33. if you pull your head back the pic will grow larger. thats how i reallized it. lol

  34. that was rubbish ecepcaly jesus it was confusing!

  35. amazing! a man’s face?

  36. Yo’, john smith dude if your reading this you gotta turn your head to the right to see the word oh and radical illusions dude!!!!! rock on and add some more sometime!!!!!

  37. it is supper cool
    especaily jeasus face that is super wiered

  38. this is so cool! try looking at the 2nd one its the same as the jesus one πŸ™‚

  39. Whats the word for the second one?

  40. its fablous…
    the liar one is brilliant n ishu
    is marvlous.

  41. the jesus one rocks

  42. i thought it was out of this world!!! i love it espically the so called jesus looks more like a un shaven cat!!! lol xoxo

  43. wow! it’s coolest optical illusion i ever seen…


  45. could you teach me that crazy but cool illusion??????????????????

    its like jesus came down to judge the living and the dead

    (on my wall)

  46. ..ganda

  47. These Optical Illusions are way too cool!! .. I couldn’t beleive that the first one wasn’t animated, until I noticed it stopped moving once I looked in one spot on the circle. The second one we just looked at in school (the “L” word spells LIAR .. look sideways on the picture to see.) and the last one is mighty awesome! At first, when I looked at the wall, I saw the same thing I was staring at .. then I saw .. Him. Way too cool~!

  48. coollllllllllllllll!

  49. 㒏㓅㓏㓋 㓁㓐㓃 㒣㓏㒱 γ’Έγ“šγ’’ ! γ’₯γ“γ“›γ“˜γ’œ

    I Love Your Page πŸ™‚

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