About Myself

Hi there!!!

I am Mariecon De los Reyes , 24 years of age. I am

currently working as a programmer in one of the IT outsourcing company in Iloilo, Philippines. I make this blog site just for fun and to share the things i know. 🙂

First and foremost, i make this site to share my knowledge as well as problems in programing… I believe that this site can help me as well as my visitors. This can help a lot of beginners in programming. I personally believe that sharing of ideas will will be a great way to learn ideas from others. As they saying goes “Two head is better than one”. I will share my knowlwedge and ideas in programming as well as my problems. I hope it can help you as well as you can help me. “Sharing is loving!!!” :))

Additionally, my site includes blogs about the things, stories or news that catch my attention. Actually this is my collection of things that amaze me. I hope it will also catch your attention…




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  1. well…you’re such a good programmer……keep it up……..

  2. well done… just add more current issues such as phil. politics… please include tutorials on how to create websites.

  3. thanks sweet_pie!!!
    i just have the time to update my blog site everyday 😦 but don’t worry i’ll try to add the tutorials in how to create a website.
    Preferably using cakePHP 🙂
    So please install cakePHP in your local browser. There are posts related to it…

  4. hi. i will thank you very much for your help.

    i installed cakephp.and its very nice concept in php.

    thanks to you.



  5. wow.. i love cebu and hope to go there again for fishing

  6. hi kababayan. am a filipina too. good thing there are many of us Filipinos now who are in to blogging.

  7. i love the layout of your blog. it’s very cool!

  8. Marie,

    I think you should install a viewer widget on your blog. It’ll be fun and you can see all the visitor that drop by. See http://www.blogcatalog.com/account.widget.php

    Have a productive day.


  9. Technically…I am challenged! LOL! But I get by!


    Would love some into re RSS feeds!

  10. hi there nice to know you. so you are programmer?
    actually i’m going to develop a site where programmer and buyer bid for their project.
    this site are still in development and if you interested u can contact me anytime

  11. Nice blog. I took the easy way by going with a Blogger template coz I am not IT savvy.

  12. hey i was wondering if you could send me the e-mail of that japanise dude eating fetuses!!! its just that my dad is doing a presentation about it and people dont belive him!!!if you could do that it would be awsome

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